Intro: Tourister

Everything is a journey.

Even a regular commute can become a visit with tourist-type opportunities because put simply; discoveries lie hidden everywhere. Even if we are not travelling physically, we can do it in our imagination.

Sometimes we travel in a an empty state, locked down in our book, our phone or our own head. Asleep:Awake / Awake:Asleep.

Yet, even when our mind is blank and we assume the mask of oblivious, we are still moving forwards in time.

The human condition is that of journey maker, tourister and wanderer. We are in flux and nothing can change it.

I see it as the person and their beaten up old Tourister baggage (whether metaphoric or real) as one unit. Like those old, falsely romantic drawings of a Romany traveller or a child evacuee; Have case will travel.  cropped-ren-cartoon-brown1.jpg

The concept here is to only move forwards. However you meander and go off-piste, the key elements are always the end point and more importantly (to me) the trail of stardust left in your wake. Stardust, the stuff that shifts in the spacial winds that represents tangents and diversions en route. Scattered and spattered and really quite messy. It defines what we do; at home, at work, at play from birth to death, to infinity and beyond…

By assuming the position of a tourist I can purloin the outside (objective) view while being  aware that my mere state of passing through will still affect what lies in the valley below.

This blog peers out through a porthole at many varied things but tries to focus on my mother lands:  Travel\Hotels, Leadership, Coaching, Education & Football.


As you peek out, you are able to see without being spotted. An anonymous voyeur. Like a fleeting tourist, you can observe a few moments of somebody else’s life with some impunity. And the lesson? The lesson is to do this yet you  must still ensure you maintain distance, discretion and respect.

The porthole only offers a restricted view. You can look forwards, glance up, down, left to right yet your periferal vision is blocked.

The impression on your retina is narrow and comfortably subjective. Nonetheless the views through this world-shaped window with ever changing vistas and landscapes can be long and far.

It’s a matter of depth, not width. 



For once you have tasted flight

You will walk the earth with your eyes turned skywards,

For there you have been

And there you will long to return.

Travel italy


The current blog, Journeys and Lessons,  is about moving and learning at different paces through different places.

The topics on which I principally write;   Travel/Hotels, Leadership, Coaching, Education and Football are only bound together in my mind. Other than this, there is nothing significant in their cohabitation.


‘ Look out my window and what do I see
A crack in the sky
and a hand reaching down to me
All the nightmares came today
And it looks as though they’re
here to stay’

David Bowie.





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