Art (Work) In Progress

A new topic, ART

…Ok, so as a topic it’s not new at all. In fact it’s been argued (often by me) that it is one of the earliest  manifestations of human expression that comes somewhere close behind hunting in packs to eating around the fire and celebrating the feast with a dance.

It is however new to me. In a blog. On paper. As an overt selection of thoughts.

My hope is that this will develop, via a secret channel, into ‘the new book’. Considering I am about to relaunch the ‘old book’ which will be given a really sincere push this time, the journey will be long and the as I write the beginning, let alone the end is not in sight.

And talking of my old book (The BMG) I found some scraps of notes two days ago that I wrote in 2003. I realised how the writing process was hindered by me leaving them in various places and then having to re-write, often from memory, when I couldn’t find them. Some potentially great ideas were lots in the process. So although many thoughts, models and words are rejected by we writers even before the first edit, I hope that this time the cause of their loss won’t be because of my scatty nature. I’d like the chance to reject them because they are not worthy not because they have vanished.

Art Work In Progress is not just a play on words and I’d wager it’s not unique either (Actually it nearly is – I have just found a fascinating art site which googles as Art-Work in progress {} but by using the hyphen after Art, Mark Lloyd the artists is definitely talking about his art a being WIP.

My heading straddles three nags;

Nag 1) Art –  work in progress meaning I am writing about art and I haven’t finished yet.

Nag 2) Art –  work in progress meaning that the art about which I am writing is a WIP

Nag 3) Artwork – in progress meaning that my book, which will be (a reflection of) art and will have a lot of visuals which are in the process of being collated and are therefore WIP. I guess the difference is tenuous and probably not important, but let’s go with it for now!

To start, let’s add in some websites which have my current nostalgic fave; Americana


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