Coaching, Assessing,Training+Teaching (CAT)

Work-Place coaching, assessing, training, teaching and mentoring – specialising in Hotels and Travel; what I can do to help you?

As an experienced leadership and management coach, I specialize in one to one coaching, mentoring and training. My key focus is in helping people to become more successful through better understanding and communications resulting in improved performance.


29 years experience in the hotel/travel industry, working in both hands-on and support roles, in hotels, exhibitions, conferences, travel agents and tour operators. I have a great deal of first had experience in industry and instinctively know what works for whom, where and when.

As Head of Learning for the UK’s longest established independent hotel booking agent, I have extensive experience of supporting managers and colleagues in all departments of running successful hotel and travel companies – particularly in customer facing areas.

In addition to one to one coaching and mentoring sessions that focus on specific work-place challenges, I deliver seminars and training workshops on communication skills, business leadership and team development. These give you and your team the ability and assurance to run your work-place smoothly by taking advantage of your strengths and helping to root-out and improve the areas where you have less experience and prowess.

In recent years I have been working with a variety of enterprises, supporting them in these areas:
Improving performance by focusing on their business strategy and the setting and achievement of time-framed goals.

Taking an objective review of their work-place structure to see where it stands in relation to the current market and ascertaining whether it is a still valid.

Discuss and identify actions to increase customer awareness and loyalty.
Ameliorate personnel productivity by coaching on issues around prioritisation, personal goals and effectiveness.

I also have broad experience of writing and delivering communications, development and leadership programs within customer service related businesses, both in-house and externally accredited programmes. Should you need input to get your colleagues refreshed and inspired I can help you decide what might be the most effective (and best-value) way to approach it and suggest on how to source this.
My continued first hand knowledge of the industry means any training is specific to hotels, travel and tourism and I’m always able to relate to your staff and use examples they understand, enabling them to transfer their new skills to your business and getting the result you need.

Outside of business I am an accredited volunteer for Epilepsy Action. I deliver an awareness workshop for teachers and all kinds of workplaces that need to know what Epilepsy is and how to support people with it. Fees go directly to the charity.

I am also familiar with issues concerning people with Autism Spectrum Disorders and can offer workplace support.


  • A Post-Graduate Diploma in Management studies (DMS).
  • QTLS teaching qualification and member of The Society for Education & Training & SET).
  • Travelife certificate in sustainability


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