Coaching 1.1

I offer coaching to help people feel better and be better at their work. There are many reasons (some obvious and some less so) why this desirable but briefly, if people feel better about what they are doing, they tend to do it better. This is turn benefits their colleagues, managers and customers.

Many of my philosophies are explained in my book – The Beautiful Mind Game, How To Use Football To Make Your Life/Work Better.

Here are some thoughts about the book:

The title came after the book was written. If I had had a title before writing the book I’d have written about the title. The working title was completely different, but as nobody liked it (other than me, the author) I won’t even tell you what it was- you’ll only laugh. Suffice to say, the publisher thought I’d written about dance -not football.

So, why The Beautiful Mind Game?

Well actually my brother Luc came up with it. He’s a very direct thinker -what Malcolm Gladwell would call a natural thin slicer. He has a gut reaction and ‘wraps it up and takes it away’. He won’t dwell  and he won’t revisit, not perfect if patience is required but great for instant inspiration and brain sturming und dranging.

He asked me “What’s the book about?”

I told him “How to think things over using football as a metaphor, a benchmark, an analogy, a yardsti…”

“Stop” he said “You’re boring me… seems like you should call it The Beautiful Mind Game”.

Nuff said

At FANTONI CAT I call this key service Work-Place Coaching. You will probably have heard of life coaching, executive coaching, emotional coaching and whatever prefix is deemed necessary to make that particular coaching provider sound unique. In fact every coach is unique simply by dint of the fact that every one of us is a human!

The purpose of coaching is to help you to improve aspects of your working life e.g. learn new skills, build confidence for applying for promotion, plan a career change or even organise for retirement.

My approach

A standard face to face session can last for up to two hours, but usually half that. During that time we work through a six point agenda that is guaranteed to define your issue and to formulate a plan for dealing with it in a clear and resolution orientated way.

My six point agenda is called STREAM. (This stands for Subject, Target, Requirements, External factors, Actions and Motivations). It is very practical and uses methods based on production management techniques and common sense. You will be able to use these ideas the moment the session is over.

What happens between each session?

We keep an open dialogue by e-mail or telephone. This is because I believe that growth comes from gradual and continued improvement. To make an analogy with athletics, it is like obtaining a personal best every week, rather than trying immediately to leapfrog to a new world record – with the inevitable disappointments that brings.

I am committed to “keeping things normal”. I do not use any “tricks of the trade”, and I do not profess to be a guru. I have worked in business for many years and I started FantoniCAT simply because I like to help people;

  1. get more enjoyment from what they do
  2. find better ways of doing it, or
  3. to do something else altogether.

Our sessions will help you focus on the realities of your work life; your environment, your ambitions and your colleagues. We shall utilise your valuable real life experiences – combined with your intelligence and brilliant imagination. There is no talk of luck (good or bad), astrology or any pseudo-science.


Six principles of coaching

  1. The client is resourceful. He or she has not come to coaching in order to be “fixed” but has the ability to resolve their own situation.
  2. The coach‘s role is to spring loose the client’s resourcefulness. It is not to give advice.
  3. Coaching addresses the whole person or organisation, past, present and future
  4. The client sets the agenda
  5. The coach and the client are equals. It is not a doctor/patient relationship.
  6. Coaching is about change. Its purpose is to help the client become more effective.

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