Education (formal)

I reluctantly opted to split the Education heading from that of Learning after various late-night chats (mainly but not exclusively with myself). This is because the conclusion appears to be that Learning is less formal and for adults while Education is for younger people at school, university and FE. I don’t like this division because I believe that we should all be learning all the time.

I have been a regular information pusher (teacher, lecturer, facilitator…) for several years on an ad-hoc basis.

Over the last three of these years I have also become involved in the captivating activity of educational assessment for one of the big four examination boards and am now also an internal verifier for a college in London.

I describe the activity as captivating because it is truly amazing what happens behind the scenes. It is where the worlds of quality control and opinion often collide, with explosive results.

We assessors do our best to be thorough and fair while our (often invisible) leaders do their best to hide themselves and us from the prowling media. There is often an annual August ‘outing’ when exam results are published and the public suddenly develop an opinion towards the way their children are treated all year.

Watch this space, more will be revealed.


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