Mentoring 1.2

I am pleased to be one of the professional mentors on this scheme run by my colleagues at Shine People & Places.

Here is their Press Release:

The People 1st State of the Nation report has recognized that whilst female
workers make up over 70% of the sector’s workforce, they’re hugely underrepresented
when it comes to senior, with only six per cent of the board directors.
Women 1st is aiming to change this with a series of initiatives aimed at enabling
women to achieve their full potential as managers, board members and chief
executives. Employers will also benefit from a more skilled, more highly
performing and confident workforce.
People 1st has secured government subsidy for the second round of Women 1st –
Leadership Network which look to support and mentor the industry’s outstanding
female junior managers through a combination of CPD seminars and mentoring.
The programme, run by in conjunction with the mentoring specialist Shine P&P, is
worth £1,000 and the cost to the individual or the employer is just £100.
The programme is designed to support women, particularly those in the Travel
sector to achieve their full potential at work – especially in areas such as career
planning, networking and influencing skills. The female mentees will commit to a
minimum of four sessions over a six month period (face to face or virtual) and up
to 5 structured CPD/seminars. London.
Women 1st and Shine have a strong network of senior executives working in the
sector committed to support other women in their careers and foster their
development around a sound leadership competency model. All mentors in the
programme will be trained in coaching/mentoring skills and all participant
mentees will be required to attend an induction session.
Mentees on the programme are entitled to attend all or part of CPD seminars,
especially designed to inspire and break down barriers:
o How to achieve the career that you want
o Make the most of networking
o Does your voice reflect what you want it to?
o Dress for success without losing your edge
o How to remember those important names and faces
Places on these high-level programme are limited and are available in England
only. If you’re a female junior manager with the talent and commitment to
take your career to the next level, or if you’re an employer who wants to make
sure you’re getting the most from your staff, ask for an application form by
Gaby at Shine People & Places on 020 83432520


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