1st edition synopsis

Renato Cesarini.
Many people have asked me about the Cesarini quote on the back cover ofTHE BEAUTIFUL MIND GAME.

Accutely aware that the wicked uncle Wiki may not be ‘all there’ this link is still pretty good if you fancy an overview.


Publisher’s Press Release

The Beautiful Mind Game – How To Use Football To Make Your Life/Work Better

At Last: A Self Help Manual for Football Fans (and their friends)

If you think self-help is for girls only then all
that is about to change with the launch of a new self-help

book written by a football loving Anglo- Italian

Renato Fantoni, London-based executive coach and football
afficionado, asks, “Have you ever wondered why, when people
try to talk to you about ‘personal stuff’, work or feelings
you just switch off? Yet, down the pub, when you’re talking
with your mates about football, you suddenly becomes
animated and interested? The reason is that football is a
common denominator that acts like a language connecting
millions of people around the world. In addition, it links
directly into our emotions and touches its fans like nothing

Using this understanding, Renato aimed to devise a book that
could enable proper football-loving blokes to get the benefits
of self-help without the hang-ups – and so The Beautiful Mind Game was
born. Based on his entertaining and thought provoking talks,
the book uses football as a powerful metaphor to present
coaching concepts in a way that gets through to its reader
by combining their love of football with powerful self-help

The Beautiful Mind Game takes principles and tactics from

the football pitch and crosses them directly to the penalty box of your work

and life to present a powerful personal coaching experience
that is accessible, entertaining and compelling.

The book is a valuable source of anecdotes, practical
information and inspiration to help readers reach the
proverbial ‘end of the day’ with maximum points with the
overall goal to help make your life/work better.


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